Our Gatherings

What Are Our Gatherings Like?

At Companions on the Way, we value simplicity, so we come-as-we-are.  During the pandemic, we have temporarily suspended our pre-worship potlucks, and will begin worship each Thursday at 6:30pm, with an informal time to catch up at 6:00pm, for anyone who wants to log on early.  We “circle up” (via Zoom) for a time of prayer, singing, conversation, and activities designed to help us explore our personal spirituality more deeply.  We read a passage from the Bible, especially looking for how God teaches us to be in relationships, and we study an idea or two from other wisdom leaders or traditions, to deepen our understanding of a specific relational theme.  Then, either through discussion, an activity (we call it a “practice”), or both, we do some inner work around that theme, trying to deepen our understanding and ability to love like the Christ.  We’re very focused on mutual participation, so while the pastor often organizes the topic for the day, we pray, sing, read, discuss, practice together as equals.

As you’ll see in our Rule of Life, we believe that “loving like Jesus” is not easy as we often make it sound, and genuine relationship – with others, self, God, and creation – takes a lot of work.  By dedicating our lives to learning and supporting one another’s walk to love more like the Christ, this becomes our mission.  And all we do flows from living an intentional Way of Love.