Truth, Trust, and Relationships

Another fun and powerful gathering last night. We reflected on these words of Dr. Barbara Krasner, and Rev. Dr. Austin Joyce, as part our worship:

“… The fundamental longing of the human spirit is to be truly met: heard, considered, and addressed.

The fundamental impulse toward true meeting with those people to whom we are most powerfully connected is most often derailed by the terror of mismeeting – the fear of being misheard, ill considered, and unfairly dismissed.

The possibilities of healing through meeting are made real when truth encounters trust, [and] when trust elicits truth…”

~ Truth, Trust, and Relationships

Same time, same place!

Come join us!

Sundays at ROC City Wellness on 1598 Penfield Road, Rochester, NY. Pot-luck at 5:00pm and worship at 6:00pm!

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