Remembering You and I

January 11, 2016  Gathering

On January 11, we celebrated the one year anniversary of our community!  For our worship, we shared the sacrament of communion.

In 1 Corinthians, Paul records Jesus having told his disciples to do “this” in remembrance of me, as they celebrate the “last supper.”  But what is “this?”  Eat the Passover meal, as they were doing that night? That’s something they would do anyway, and Jesus seemed to be changing the symbolism of what they were doing. Bless and break bread, and bless and drink wine? But, it’s very possible to do this without really having a spirit of communion.  So, what is “this?”  It seems to have something to do with being very intentional about being in deep relation with those around you at that moment, including the Spirit.

That night, Jesus and the disciples were sharing a meal of deep relationship, with deep conversation and connection.  They were close to the end, and they knew it.  One can only imagine that they must have shared stories of their time together – some filled with laughter and others filled with tears.  They must have talked about what was coming up, and felt that sense of closeness with one another.  And, Judas was there.  Judas shared in the communion before Jesus informed everyone of Judas’ plan.  Even the depth of hurt, fear, and anger that come into deep relationships was present around that table.  And God was there, binding everyone and everything together in Jesus’ promise of a new Way of love.

“This,” then, becomes “enter into deep relationship in the moment,” and remember.  Remember everyone who is connected through the Spirit of Christ.  Those present and far, those in heaven and earth, those with whom we have a good relationship and those with whom we struggle, and the God who created it all.  And in remembering these, we remember the Christ who came to teach us about them, and bind us to them all in his life, death, and resurrection.  “Enter into deep relationship in this moment with everyone, and in doing so, remember me.”CotW - 160111 - Remembering You and I - JPEG 2CotW - 160111 - Remembering You and I - JPEG 1

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