On March 15, Companions gathered to sing and pray, and to discuss “blame.”

Blame and lack of imagination go hand in hand.
Blame is commonplace in every relationship.
People have conflicting expectations.

~ Krasner & Joyce, Truth, Trust, and Relationships

I didn’t say it was your fault;  I said I was blaming you!

During our March 15th meeting, we talked about “blame.”

  • “Unfair blame results from your excluding my truth in order to reinforce your own truth.”
  • Blame can become an aggressive act.
  • “Unfair blame is often used as a haven from responsible response.”

Bible verses John 9:1-8 (The Message) and John 11:1-ff (The Message) were read in unison.

Songs We Sung

Accompanied by guitar and drum, we sang:

  • Gather Us In – lyrics by Marty Haugen
  • Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy) – by Nick & Anita Haigh
  • All Are Welcome – lyrics by Marty Haugen

Ending Prayer

Our ending prayer was from author J. Phillip Newell’s book, from Celtic Treasure.

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