God, neighbor, and self

After enjoying our Sunday potluck meal at 5pm, Companions gathered to sing and pray, and to discuss “God, neighbor, and self.”

Commitment [to a relationship with another], or the impulse toward it,
is motivated by a will to reciprocity (to give and take) beginning with birth itself.

It is never simply a value, feeling, or principle, but a relational dynamic
having to do with existing in a condition of indebtedness without undue guilt.

~ Krasner and Joyce, Truth, Trust, and Relationships

God neighbor self

During our March 1st meeting, we talked about building trusting relationships, as well as the Northumbria Rule of Life and what we might consider implementing in our group. We also talked about our perception of God – that is, what image we most closely identify with at this time.

Companions also shared what they were expecting in the upcoming week, and prayers were given in support. Bible verses Luke 10:25-28 (NRSV) and John 14:7-11a, 20 (The Message, NRSV) were read in unison.

Songs We Sung

Accompanied by guitar and drum, we sang:

  • We Have Come at Christ’s Own Bidding
  • I’ll Fly Away (accompanied by a mandolin)
  • The Spirit Sends Us Forth to Serve

Ending Prayers

Our ending prayers included two prayers by author J. Phillip Newell from Celtic Treasure and Celtic Benediction – Morning and Night Prayer.

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