Are you in a season of giving or receiving?

In today’s post, we’d like to share a little of what we discussed during our Feb. 22 meeting. After a nice potluck of lentil stew, spicy quinoa, turkey meatballs (with cranberry sauce!), and bread, we gathered to pray, sing, and talk about giving and receiving/taking.

“The motto of life is ‘give and take.’ Everyone must be both a giver and a receiver. [One] who is not both is as a barren tree.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Eisik

We talked about what it means to be in a season of giving and in a season of receiving/taking. Companions shared – as they were comfortable – what season they believe they are in at this moment in time. We also reflected on Bible verses John 4:4-15 (NRSV) and Mark 4:25-34 (NRSV).

Are you in a season of giving or receiving?

Songs We Sung

Accompanied by guitar and drum, we sang:

  • All Are Welcome – lyrics by Marty Haugen
  • Morning Has Broken
  • Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy) – by Nick & Anita Haigh

Ending Prayers

Our ending prayers included two prayers by author J. Phillip Newell from Celtic Treasure and Celtic Benediction – Morning and Night Prayer.

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