Great News! Companions on the Way Now at Ellison Park!

It’s great to share the news that Companions on the Way has received a 1001 Worshiping Communities grant that will allow us to meet at Ellison Park for the foreseeable future.

Most often, we will meet at Creekside Lodge (Google map). Click HERE for a map of the park. When we are not at Creekside, we will likely be at Hazelwood Lodge (Google map).

Either way, in the coming weeks look for our “Welcome” banner and stop in to visit. You can also view our weekly location Calendar page.

This week, July 19th, will be our first Creekside meeting, and we would love to invite everyone who is interested in “doing church differently” through studying the way of the Christ, and understanding how he teaches us to be in relationship with one another.

As always: 5:00 pm potluck (optional) and 6:00 worship (also optional).

All are welcome!

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