A Time When…

September 27, 2015 Gathering

Dillon Burroughs said, “There is a place for story and a place for scholarship.  Jesus was keenly aware of the difference between the two.”  This past week, we remembered that the Great Storyteller knows all about our own stories.  About all of the events, thoughts, memories, and emotions that we carry with us into every encounter we have, with God and with others.  Sometimes honoring the “I” we bring into relationship can be as simple as remembering and  spending time with some of the important stories of our own lives.  When we’re able to share these stories with others, and/or see how they affect our relationship with another person, our relationships can deepen.

Practice – 

We drew slips of paper from an envelope that had prompts written on them, inviting each of us to tell a story about ourselves, in response to the prompt.  Examples follow, and we began each with the invitation to talk about “A time when…”

  • you tried something new.
  • you had a great idea.
  • you were in awe.
  • you felt God.
  • something changed your life.
  • you felt let down.
  • you felt loved.
  • (and the stories can continue….)

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