Daily Offices of Prayer

Prayer is a key part of any new-monastic community.  Keeping regular daily prayers helps us remember that God is at the center of our day, and rest of life moves around our connection with the Divine.  By saying common prayers at common times, members of new-monastic communities stay connected spiritually, even if they are saying the prayers from very different physical locations.  At Companions on the Way, we pray our Morning Office every day at 9:00am, and our Evening Office at 9:00pm, wherever we are.

A couple notes about our Offices:

  1. While we hold these prayers with high value and do our best to say them each day at these times, we also lift up the adage, “pray as you can, not as you can’t.” Times, days, or even weeks get missed – the importance is that we remember our Offices and are intentional about them.  We don’t carry guilt for missing some, but we also hold ourselves accountable to return to them
  2. We currently have two Offices of Daily Prayer (a Morning Office and an Evening Office), and plan to adopt a Midday Office in the future. Our Morning Office was written by our community.

Our Morning Office of Prayer

Our Evening Office of Prayer