Our Celtic Inspiration

You may notice that much of our imagery and language has a Celtic feel.  And it has certainly inspired us!  While Celtic Christianity is difficult to define, there are some generally agreed upon identifiers that have influenced Companions on the Way.  First, Celtic Christianity was influenced by the early Desert Fathers (and Mothers) – monks and nuns of the third century A.D., who moved into the deserts around Egypt.

celtic-circleTying in with our new-monastic influence, the Desert Fathers’ communities had a rule of life, took vows, valued the mysticism of Christianity, and sought and connected with God in all areas of creation.  Through pilgrim-saints, their influence came to Celtic regions, and had tremendous influence on monastic and new-monastic communities there.

Two contemporary Celtic new monastic communities that have especially influenced Companions on the Way are those of Northumbria and Iona, both of which have inspirational Rules of Life, deep appreciation of mysticism, and a strong expression of faith through our connection with God’s creation.
Celtic Image © Zedcor, Inc.
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